Scattering Ashes in the Solent By Boat

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Scattering Ashes The Solent

A Fitting Way To Say Goodbye

Scattering ashes at sea is a traditional and touching way to bid farewell to your lost loved ones. Our boat hire services for scattering ashes in the Solent are ready to serve you.

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Ashes At Sea – The Solent

The Solent is justifiably one of the most famous stretches of water in the world – whether it's Cowes Week, Fleet Reviews, Henry VIII's Mary Rose or countless other recent, modern or historic reasons. It's synonymous with sailing and many other activities involving the sea.

It's not surprising then that many choose to have their ashes scattered on these Hampshire waters. The Ashes At Sea Boat Service is based just minutes away in the Premier Marina, Gosport.

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Individually Designed Ashes Services

Whether you are arranging an ashes scattering ceremony for the first time, or you have special needs for your religious rituals, we can help.

We customise boat hire services for scattering ashes according to your unique requirements. You may pre-arrange everything when you call in to book a reservation. The team will cater for your requirements.

When you step into the boat, you can expect to:

  • Reach your desired destination without any interruptions
  • Receive complete privacy and respect when you are scattering ashes on the water
  • Full cooperation and assistance from the crew

We can play music or your choice, serve refreshments, and arrange pre–ordered flowers depending on your specific requirements. You can count on us to make this ceremony memorable for you and your loved ones.

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Hindu and Sikh Funerals

Our boat hire services for ashes scattering are available to arrange religious services. We understand that this ritual plays a important role in traditional Hindu funerals and Sikh funerals. It is a sacred act to purify the remains after the soul departs from this earth.

We accommodate all religious rituals and customs regarding the scattering service. You can also pre-request arrangements while booking the boat.

Our Boat

It is a safe, secure and steady vessel for this momentous occasion.

You will board a purpose-built 11.4 Metre Swiftcat catamaran. Powered by advanced, and environmentally friendly engines. This boat glides in the water, and is equipped with custom-made hydrofoils that are engineered to keep it steady.

  • A spacious full walk around wheelhouse that serves as a platform when you are scattering ashes on the sea
  • It has sheltered seating
  • The vessel has MCA coding for Max 12 passengers
  • We have easy–access doors. They allow you to enter the vessel without clambering on rails
  • It has a clean modern toilet facility, and washbasin

The vessel is wheelchair accessible and safe for children of all ages. We ensure that the boat is in top condition before your arrival.

Booking Our Boat Hire Services for Scattering Ashes

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Our company operates around the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, the Needles, and The Solent. The starting point for all locations is Gosport, within Portsmouth harbour.

You can call us (08:00 – 20:00) to ask any questions you may have.

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