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Hindu Funeral Ceremony

Scattering Ashes on Water

As the scattering of ashes on the water is an essential part of the Hindu funeral ceremony, we provide the means for you to carry out traditional rituals and highlight our boat hire services for scattering ashes.

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Hindu Funeral Ceremony – What Is Antyesti?

Antyesti is the traditional name for a Hindu funeral. It means 'the last sacrifice', after which the soul rises to heaven before reincarnation In the UK, Hindu families that cannot visit India, scatter ashes on the water, as it is considered that all waters and ashes return to the Ganges through this ceremony.

We can accommodate your needs by offering boat hire services to scatter ashes on the water. With our assistance, you may lay the dearly departed person's ashes on water timely and respectfully.

FAQs: Scattering Ashes on Water for Hindu Families

Is It Legal to Scatter Ashes on Water in the UK?

UK law doesn't restrict scattering of ashes on the water. UK Law perceives scattering ashes at sea as a traditional way to bid farewell to a loved one. The only condition is that the surrounding area and its residents are not disturbed during the service.

Our experienced team is well versed in government-approved policies and protocols. We will take you to a designated distance from the shore and monitor the tidal stream's direction to prevent liabilities.

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Where Is the Best Place for Scattering Ashes on Water in the UK?

Our boat hire services for scattering ashes cover the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, the Needles, and the South Coast covering the Solent. You can choose your preferred location for your Hindu funeral ceremony when you schedule your date.

We understand that many families and Hindu tradition prefer to scatter ashes before the sunrise (on the next day). Our company accommodates your individual needs, and will work with you by arranging a service for as soon after cremation as is practicable.

Our Boat Hire Services for Scattering Ashes at Sea

Why Should You Choose Us?

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We provide boat hire service for scattering ashes at sea that surpasses expectations. We aim to integrate our services according to religious, cultural, and meaningful beliefs. Also, we accommodate perquisite arrangements whenever possible.

  • We ensure that the bereaving family and friends experience complete privacy on board
  • Arrange biodegradable urns of your choice to adhere to eco–friendly guidelines
  • Play classical music, holy hymns or a meaningful verse in the background upon request
  • Our boats are stable, sturdy, and wheelchair accessible, which make it suitable for diverse gatherings (including all age groups)
  • You may expect our staff to provide hands–on assistance whenever required
  • We monitor the wind direction to prevent any setbacks when you scatter ashes on water.

Lastly, we do all this and more to ensure that you and your loved ones feel at ease throughout the trip.

Booking Our Boat Hire Services for Scattering Ashes

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Our company operates around the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, the Needles, and The Solent. The starting point for all locations is Gosport, within Portsmouth harbour.

You can call us (08:00 – 20:00) to ask any questions you may have.

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